Treasury Officers

Hey, all. So we’ve been working in the last few days on finishing up the structure of Valkyrie overall, administratively and structurally, and we’re glad to say it’s gone well. We’ve selected Rahul Amara as our new Treasurer, with Christina Yin as his Manager of Grants and Philip Chao as his Manager of Budgeting and Spending. They’re beginning work today on finding grants and tabulating expected support from FIRST so that we can really get into the thick of things. It’s an important job, so we may be requesting help for finding available businesses, parents in corporate, and other similar useful things; if you’re available or have anything that might be useful for us, do email us at Overall, things are going well; we’re working on setting up summer projects and potential work locations and should have those out by next weekend, giving us a solid work to get ready. And watch out for emails on trainings; now that our math trainings have concluded, we’ll be moving into Control, Code, and possibly Wiring trainings to get everyone prepped for whatever build we end up working in.