Example of C++ Template Magic

C++ templates can be magical. Here's a deep-dive into a specific use in aos for determining the type of a queue message.

Offseason Plans

Wow, has it been awhile since we’ve updated the blog! Here's a quick summary of how the season went.

Memory – Part 1

Dive into the deep side of the pool with memory!

How to Make a vimrc

Vim and You: customization to your heart's content.

How To Use GrabCAD

Learn the basics of GrabCAD, a management software that allows for version control and accessibility to the latest CAD files.


FRC Team-ing Well, what does it mean to be an FRC team? Turns out, unlike many of my other similar rhetorical questions, that the answer is rather simple: a ...

Why We Control

Why do we all feel the need to control things... to control... theory?

Computer Memory

Where do all those cat gifs go?

Capital City Classic

We... may be going to an off-season event! Hooray!

How to Write a Blog Post

I cannot teach the art of writing hilarious posts, but I can teach Markdown syntax.

Oh God Why

In which I compile the 'Hello, World' program manually.

A Physicist's Attempt at Mathing

I keep telling DeRuiter that "it's probably 10" is a good enough answer, but he doesn't seem to believe me.

Officer Team

As you all should know, the officer structure of Team Valkyrie has been set up quite differently to that of the old MVRT, though they’re currently pursuing r...


To dispell the memes, a brief overview of Kalman Filters.


The financials of Valkyrie are looking good; membership fee increased.

Calculus Trainings

In which we attempt to teach young people smarter than us calculus.

The Code Goes Ever On

C++ makes the world go round... or at least the parts that aren't COBOL.

The Office Meeting

Met with Mrs. Scott and Mr. White regarding the future of MVRT and Valkyrie.

Spooky Politics

Meetings coming up will decide if we leave MVRT or not!